Rodrigo was born in Lima, Peru. Since a very early age had a strong interest in art. At a young age, he started drawing and painting but then developed an interest in the beauty of cinematography as a teenager. It wasn't until he started working in the fashion industry in Lima when he realized fashion was what he loved, and his fashion photography career took flight. Inspired by personal life, beauty and fashion, Rodrigo moved to New York City in 2013 and to Paris in 2016 to pursue his passion.

His portraits and editorial work (in both menswear and womenswear) apply the principles of elegance, sensuality and power. Using simply light, shadows and body language, Rodrigo transmits stylishness and authority. These subjects have included artists, designers, models, celebrities, musicians, and others.

Rodrigo is currently based in Paris, France.


My work focuses on capturing a character with youth, beauty, and elegance in his attempt of discovering the environment around him/her. Whether it's fashion, portraiture, or fine art.


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HIGHLIGHT (Solo Exhibition)

Paris, France 2016

Marvin Feldman Center Photo Exhibition (Group Exhibition)

New York, USA 2016


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